Cover Letter

Cover Letter

We will create a new cover letter for you based on your preferences and the industry/job you are interested in. If you are only requesting a resume please send your current resume/cv to so that we may use it as a reference to build your cover letter. If you do not have a resume please send an email to to request a Profile Template to fill out.

  • Terms and Cancellations

    There will be an allowance for a maximum of up to two minor content-based (2) revisions on every resume/CV created. This accounts for mainly spelling errors and wrong information. Any major revision that requires changes in design, layout, or format will be made for a fee based on how substantial the request is.
     If Customer cancels any Service prior to delivery of the Service when changes/edits have already been made then the Customer shall pay a cancellation charge equal to 25% of the original price of the service.
    To ensure consistent high quality for any documents created and/or reviewed, Customers who request Express Delivery (1 day) should be accessible via online communication (Phone, text, email, etc.) to achieve the best possible results. 
    If the customer does not receive the agreed-upon documents two (2) days after the scheduled delivery date, the customer is eligible for a full refund.


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