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Dear 2020, Please Chill.

I want to take the opportunity to use my small business as a platform to provide some support during these challenging times.

As unemployment rates seem to be skyrocketing, people getting cabin fever from being stuck indoors, and let’s not forget the arduous hunt for toilet paper; it appears as if 2020 will never end. Also, to every person who could not celebrate their birthday, wedding, graduation, and every other life celebration: I hope you get a bigger and better party celebration when things calm down.

To my fellow small business owners, we have to stick together to help each other out and weather this storm.

All the grocery store, postal service, restaurant, and other essential workers are the thin string that is holding all of us together by feeding us and keeping us connected to our loved ones.

To all the teachers overwhelmed with work and having to educate our youth while trying to keep hold on to their sanity, you are all fantastic and thank you for everything that you do that goes unrecognized. Speaking of losing sanity, all the single parents out there, I need to ask you one thing: HOW?! I honestly could not fathom what each day looks like for you, but still, you do it every day, and those kids are going to grow up to be leaders of the world thanks to you.

Give it up for all the medical service providers who are working harder, longer, and risking exposure every single day while dealing with a lack of supplies and resources. They are the real warriors in this fight against COVID-19; I am thankful for their courage and resilience during this pandemic.

It is so easy to get discouraged and assume that things will never get better. For every positive headline I see, there are five more depressing negative ones out there. It is hard to keep smiling when every day something else seems to be going wrong in the world. Social distancing is socially isolating, and I cannot wait until someone sneezing does not trigger alarm bells by everyone in the near vicinity.

It is crucial to take care of our physical and particularly mental health during these times and try to focus on doing things that make us happy. I sincerely believe that we will emerge from the chaotic hell that was 2020, both stronger and hopefully more appreciative of the small things we tend to take for granted (like toilet paper and hugs). Thank you for reading, stay safe out there!

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