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5 Things To Do Before Your Job Interview

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Congrats! You landed the job interview but now you have to make sure you don't blow it. Here are 5 simple yet important things to do before the big day.

1. Know what position you are applying for

This might sound quite obvious but you would be surprised to learn how many job candidates come into an interview and have no idea what the position actually entails. It is important to thoroughly understand the position you are applying for and why you would be a perfect fit for it. Review the job description and go over your resume to match up your competencies and previous experiences with what the duties of the position are.

2. Research the company!

Please, please, please make sure you do your homework and learn as much as you can about the company. It not only prepares you for discussions about the company during your interview but you should also make sure you actually like the company you are interviewing for. Check out the 'About Us' page on the company website, look at their LinkedIn page, social media accounts, and reviews from former employees and clients on websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, Google Reviews, etc. Try to come up with creative questions that demonstrate your knowledge about the company to impress your interviewer.

3. Practice makes perfect, and interviews are no exception

Having pre-interviews jitters is normal and the best way to overcome it is by practicing what you plan on saying. Practicing with a friend or family member can be helpful but chances are you will be more comfortable with them so it would not be a realistic simulation of your upcoming interview. Schedule a mock interview today by visiting the Services page so that you can get 1-on-1 coaching and be asked industry-specific questions that will help you ace the interview!

4. Plan what you are going to wear

First impressions are very crucial when it comes to a job interviewer. Before you even start the interview, you are already being assessed to see if you would be an ideal candidate for the position. You don't have to stroll in with an expensive designer outfit but you do have to look presentable and well-groomed. This picture below shows the appropriate dress and appearance for both men and women.

Please note: Ladies you do not have to wear a dress if you do not want to, wearing a smart suit is completely acceptable and you won't have to worry about what is an appropriate skirt length.

5. Review and Bring copies of your resume

Chances are that despite the fact the employer looked at your resume, he/she will still ask you questions related to everything you have on your resume. First off, make sure you know what is on your resume. Also, you should make sure you are able to provide specific examples or expand on your previous job experiences. Make some extra copies of your resume, write down questions you want to ask your interviewer and make sure you bring a pen and paper to write with so you can take notes during the interview. If you have business cards or professional handouts, be sure to bring those things as well. Professional handouts are the 'mic droppers' when it comes to job interviewers. They are sure to set you apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. Also, schedule a mock interview to make sure you ace your upcoming interview. Check out the Services page at where you can get your very own professional handout and schedule an online mock interview!

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