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About DNG Career Services

My name is Dominique Gutierrez, and I started DNG Career Services because I want to help people get through the arduous task of finding a job with their sanity still intact.

Thanks to my background in HR and Marketing, I can know what employers are looking for while improving my clients' professional image via their resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

Everyone has in common that no one is the same; everyone is unique with their own special traits and skills.

Recruiters and hiring managers have the distinct pleasure of reviewing hundreds and even thousands of job applicants every day, looking for the perfect job candidate. In most cases, your resume is the first impression recruiters have of you to determine if you should be invited for an interview.

It is unfair that an 8 x 11 sheet of paper can hold so much power, but alas, it is the society that we live in.

I work with my clients to ensure that they are comfortable and confident when presenting their best selves in front of an employer.

With services ranging from Resume Reviews to Mock Interviews, I help individuals just joining the workforce to individuals looking to make a career change.

With a strong background and diverse skillset in professional development, I’m confident in the creative ideas and efficient solutions I can provide to help you succeed in your professional endeavors!

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